It should be a simple job.  All Raleigh Colter and his partner, Jeff Crutchfield, have to do is guide photographer Gwen McCarthy and her father to the Guadalupe Mountains.

But Colter is experienced enough to know that nothing comes easy in West Texas.  The rugged country is far from hospitable, often teaming with thieves, killers, and renegade Apaches.  Plus Gwen wants to photograph a mountain lion in the wild -- which has never been done -- and her father is a drunk.

Pitted against Mother Nature and murderous outlaws, Colter and Gwen are soon forced to rely on their skills -- and each other -- just to survive.  If they fail, some other photogapher might wind up taking a picture of their bleached bones in the high desert.
This Man Colter
Avalon Books, 1997
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This Man Colter by Johnny Boggs. Western Novel, Historical Novel. Western Fiction.
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"Humor, action, and a wonderful character in Gwen McCarthy make this a delightful read."
-- Roundup

"If you're into the true wild west, you will enjoy this rugged tale set in west Texas."
-- Rendezvous