After surviving many wild adventures together, finally, the glorious wedding day of Pete Belissari and Hannah Scott has come. As they seperately and nervously make their way to the ceremony, a shot rings out.  Colonel Wooten and his villainous confederate renegades are robbing the local bank.  With bad luck getting worse, Hannah finds herself kidnapped by the Wooten gang.

Buddy Pecos, the town sheriff, talks Pete out of going after them alone.  They form a posse and head out in search of Pete's soul mate.  After a bloody ambush, the Wooten boys still have Hannah, and Pete apprears to be a goner.  Some would call this situation a crisis, but fans of Johnny D. Boggs recognize this as just a small inconvenience in the action-packed courtship of Hannah and the horseman.
The Courtship of Hannah
and the Horseman
Avalon Books, 1997
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The Courtship of Hannah and the Horseman by Johnny Boggs. Western Novel, Western Fiction.
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