A fortune in stolen gold has been lost in the mountains of the Wyoming Territory for four years.  Now Wes Anderson, an escaped convict wrongfully accused of having taken part in the robbery, and Cora Breckenridge, whose father was murdered because he may have found the gold, have been captured by Vaughn MacDermott and forced to lead the killer and his gang of cutthroats to the treasure.

Surviving MacDermott won't be easy.  But there is also a terrifying legend:  A spirit guards the stolen gold and will kill those who seek it.  High in the mountains, Wes, Cora, and MacDermott and his men will find more than a fortune.

They'll discover love, redemption, revenge and -- to their horror -- the truth of the curse of Dunbar's gold.
The Curse of Dunbar's Gold
Avalon Books, 1999
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The Curse of Dunbar's Gold by Johnny Boggs. Western Novel, Historical Novel. Western Fiction.
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