"The action is fast and has more twists and turns than a rattlesnake.  East of the Border is a Western story of the finest order." - American Cowboy

"Full of crackling dialogue spoken by characters so real the reader will want to invite them off the page." - Roundup

"A fantastic read." - Shoot Magazine

Their names were legendary:  Wild Bill Hickok, Buffalo Bill Cody and Texas Jack Omohundro.  The stories of their infamous exploits were far more engrossing than any dime novel.  And now those stories would be shared with the nation in a touring stage show called the Buffalo Bill Combination.  These great frontiersmen had no stage experience, but they certainly could entertain.  Acclaimed author Johnny D. Boggs invites you behind the scenes to hear what went on in the performers' own words, to see for yourself the real men behind the tall tales.
East of the Border
Leisure, 2006
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Ten and Me by Johnny Boggs. Western Novel, Historical Novel. Western Fiction.
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