Elizabethtown is the most lawless place in New Mexico Territory, ruled Major Judd Howard and his barbaric henchmen.  But when his son is murdered, Ian McKown takes matters in his own hands to bring justice to this gold-mining camp - not with a badge and a gun, but by building a courthouse and jail.

Joining McKown and his family are itinerant gamblers Frank Ivy and Sam Raintree, who tackle carpentry -on a whimisical bet.  The real reason Ivy stays, however, is McKown's daughter, Alice.  As E-town heats up, the builders know that hammers and nails won't be enough to stop Howard's gang. 

Johnny D. Boggs weaves a powerful, poignant story of love and redemtion, filled with an authentic sense of time, place and people.
Foundation of the Law
Avalon Books, 2001
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Foundation of the Law by Johnny Boggs. Western Novel, Historical Novel. Western Fiction.
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"As is to be expected with a Johnny Boggs novel, Foundation of the Law is full of those authentic historical details that make his stories so rich and believable."
-- The Shootist