All Pete Belissari want is to sell his string of mustangs and catch up on some sleep.  But first he'll have to outwit a band of Apaches intent on stealing his horses.  And then he'll find himself at odds with, and maybe even attracted to, young Hannah Scott, who is trying to save her orphanage from evil rancher Rafe Malady.

Fate throws Hannah and Pete together and hurls them headlong into a wild ride in this lighhearted, fast-moving Western told in authentic detail.  The pair must summon all of their courage and skill before facing their biggest challenge:  a must-win, backbreaking horse race against the top riders and steeds in the West.  It's a race againt time to save the orphanage -- and themselves --- from Malady and his gunmen.
Hannah and the Horseman
Avalon Books, 1997
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Hannah and the Horseman by Johnny Boggs. Western Novel, Western Fiction.
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"I think Johnny D. Boggs is well on his way to being a major western writer."
-- George Glenn, The Shootist

" This book displays an admirable sense of percolating pace and point-blank prose."
-- The (Charleston, .S.C.) Post and Courier

"Johnny D. Boggs moves his narrative at a lively clip, and it never turns mawkish."
-- Fort Worth Star-Telegram