Hannah Scott and Pete Belissari travel to the lawless town of Shafter, Texas, to look after orphans Darcy and Desmond Comhghall.  When the twins fight to remain with a local miner, trouble is only beginning.

Because shortly thereafter, Pete is ambushed and left for dead by the brutal Cochrane Smith gang.  And Hannah, who has been charged with murder, barely escapes a lynch mob only to be captured by the vicious bandit Plomo.

A brandy-swilling dime-novelist, a revenge-seeking English vigilante, a cholera outbreak, and the mystery of a fortune in gold leave Hannah and the horseman fighting for their lives as they try to protect the twins -- who just happen to be the meanest, sneakiest and dirtiest pair of siblings west of the Pecos.
Hannah and the Horseman
at the Gallows Tree
Avalon Books, 1998
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Hannah and the Horseman at the Gallows Tree by Johnny Boggs. Western Novel, Western Fiction.
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