Pity Hannah Scott and Pete Belissari.  Just when things should be settling down for our young heroes, along comes befuddled dime novelist L. Merryweather Handal with a job proposition too good to be true.  So Hannah and Pete, along with sharpshooting Buddy Pecos, hire on to show Handal's group of European visitors the Wild West

And things certainly get wild -- because no one in this troupe is whom he or she appears to be -- and soon tempers are flaring, fists are swinging, bullets are flying and Pete is charged with murder.

Of course, fans of the fanciful comedy-western series know that when things get rotten, when bad guys look to be winning, and when all appears hopeless...this is a job for Hannah and the horseman..
A Job for Hannah and
the Horseman
Avalon Books, 2001
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A Job for Hannah and the Horseman by Johnny Boggs. Western Novel, Western Fiction.
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