In their sixth adventure, Hannah Scott and Pete Belissari travel to Marfa so that orphan Cynthia can go to a "real" dentist and if Pete has his way, he and Hannah can have a nice spin and maybe share a kiss at the fall dance.  But nothing ever goes according to plan for these reluctant heroes.  Cynthia is kidnpped by an escaped Apache prisoner -- He Who Chops Off The Head Of His Enemies, "Hector" for short -- and Hannah and the horseman join a motley posse in hot pursuit.

This odyssey takes Pete and Hannah across Texas and high into the mountains of western New Mexico, where Pete is left for dead and Hannah is captured by Hector as he seeks to join a fleeing band of Apaches.

Author Johnny D. Boggs blends Greek and Apache mythology in another fun, romantic adventure that has enough nail-biting action, colorful characters, and rustic lore to take you back in time to the dusty Old West.
The Odyssey of Hannah
and the Horseman
Avalon Books. 2000
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The Odyssey of Hannah and the Horseman by Johnny Boggs. Western Novel, Western Fiction.
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