On September 7, 1876, an outlaw gang of Missouri bandits including Jesse James, Frank James and Cole Younger attempted to rob the First National Bank of Northfield, Minnesota, with disastrous consequences.

In a unique, compelling approach, Boggs shifts perspectives from one first-person account to another, allowing participants -- both outlaws and Minnesotans -- describe the bloody robbery, as well as the events leading to it and its aftermath.

Full of suspense, drama, crisp dialogue and details unearthed by meticulous research, Northfield is a literary tour de force from one of the most authentic voices of the American frontier, a novel that Publishers Weekly calls "a vibrant retelling of the Old West's most notorious and deadly bank robbery flop.” 

Leisure, 2008
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The Lonesome Chisholm Trail by Johnny Boggs. Western Novel, Historical Novel.
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"“American frontier stories about bank robberies have long been familiar fare. Yet ‘Northfield,’ by Spur Award winner Johnny Boggs, is one of the more intriguing to come along in recent years. ... With a keen ear for the distinctive voice of each storyteller, the author offers a fast-moving and strangely poignant tale that never pauses to rest.” -- The Denver Post

"Northfield ... is not only a slam-bang story of violent men doing violent deeds, it also details the lasting impact of that violence on both the violent and their victims. ... This book stands head and shoulders above others of its kind ....” -- Roundup

“Boggs deftly switches voice, candence and syntax without missing one hoofbeat in a grab-you-by-the-throat, dare-you-to-put-this-down read.” -- Western & English Today
2008 Spur Award Finalist: Best Western Short Novel
2007 Milton F. Perry Award winner from the National James-Younger Gang: Best Book of the Year
2008 New Mexico Book Award Finalist: Best Historical Novel