When Buddy Pecos approaches Hannah Scott and Pete Belissari about joining him in a stagecoach operation, it seems like a proposition that can't lose.  So the three friends form their own company, along with stagecoach entrepreneur Dean Everhart, staionmaster David Goldman, and Happy Jack McBride, a blind former mustanger with a very peculiar talent.

Trouble strikes however, when Pete has to buy horses from Cash Hardee, a murderous scalphunter.  Then beautiful gambler Jill Coffey starts a rival business, forcing a winniner-take-all stagecoach race from Fort Stockton to Presidio.

In a series of adventures that move like a runaway team, Hannah and the horseman suddenly have their hands full dealing with Coffey, who'll stop at nothing to win, and Hardee, who'll stop at nothing to see Pete dead.
Riding with Hannah
and the Horseman
Avalon Books, 1998
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Riding with Hannah and the Horseman by Johnny Boggs. Western Novel, Western Fiction.
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