They are unlikely partners:  Jack Mackinnon, an even-tempered drifter and part-time gunsmith, and Tenedore Keogh, a consumptive dentist-turned gunman looking for a quicker way to die.  Recruited by the Texas Rangers because of their prowess with guns, MacKinnon and Keogh become national celebrities through the novels of Robin K. Hunter -- the woman both men love.

Fame has its price, however, as the two men attract bitter enemies across the West.  Despite their differences, Ten and Ranger Jack stick together until a range war forces them to take a stand -- against each other.

Johnny D. Boggs weaves a powerful, realistic tale full of unforgettable characters, chilling gunfights, and authentic detail in this gripping story that examines friendships and legends -- how they are forged, and why they endure.
Ten and Me
Avalon Books, 1999
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Ten and Me by Johnny Boggs. Western Novel, Historical Novel. Western Fiction.
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"Informed by accurate detail in almost every regard ...Boggs's narrative voice captures the old- fashioned style of the past and reminds a reader of the derring-do of western legends of yesteryear. " 
-- Publishers Weekly

"This is an entertaining western in the classic mold. The characters possess enough human frailty to be believable, the author includes interesting stuff on the weaponry of the times, and there is enough gunplay to satisfy genre purists. " 
-- Booklist