Lin Garrett’s name once commanded respect in the West. But now ....

    It's 1913, and Garrett has fallen on hard times as he returns to Flagstaff, Arizona, a forgotten, 70-year-old man who has outlived his usefulness, who belongs to another time. Winding up in a county hospital for the indigent, he spends his days brooding, although old friend Randolph Corbett brings some humor to Garrett’s life. Once Garrett’s deputy, Ol’ Corb is also a resident at the county hospital.

    And so things might have gone until the end, except that Ollie Sinclair is released from prison. Defying the passage of time, Sinclair forms a gang, and robs the a train near Williams. That’s enough reason for Garrett and Corbett to go after their old pard, anything to escape the boredom of the hospital.

    Besides, Garrett has personal and professional reasons to pursue Sinclair and his bunch. After all, it was Garrett who put Sinclair in prison decades ago.

    And he knows Sinclair will want to see Holly Mossman, the woman both men once loved, and, maybe, still love.

Walk Proud, Stand Tall
Leisure, 2007
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Ten and Me by Johnny Boggs. Western Novel, Historical Novel. Western Fiction.
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